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Application of vacuum coating industry
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Industrial vacuum coating and coating application equipment is very extensive.Vacuum coating technology is an important branch of applied vacuum technology, which has been widely used in the field of optics, electronics ,energy development, physical and chemical equipment , construction machinery ,packaging , consumer products, and scientific research in surface science .

 The vacuum deposition method is mainly used in evaporation coating , sputtering ,ion plating, plating , and molecular beam deposition beam epitaxy . There are also chemical vapor deposition method. If the object from the vacuum deposition is to change the physical and chemical properties of the material surface , it is the technology of vacuum surface treatment is an important component.

Now make a brief introduction on several of its major applications.

First, optics , optical plating layer on a piece of glass or quartz surface or thin film layers of different materials, you are ready to become a highly reflective or non-reflective ( AR coating that is ) or any reflective or transmissive expected proportion of the material , but also absorption of certain wavelengths can be made , and the color filter of another wavelength transmitted . High reflective film from the large diameter telescope and a variety of lasers , has been to the new building 's large windows coated jasmine , are needed .

Antireflection coatings are used extensively for photography and a variety of lasers , has been to the new building of large windows coated glass , are needed. Antireflection coatings are used extensively for the camera and video camera lens. In electronics vacuum coating more occupies a very important position.

Inheritance of all sizes circuit . Including memory , arithmetic , logic elements , etc. should tell a conductive film, an insulating film and the protective film. Preparation of the circuit as a mask is used chromium film.

Magnetic tape , a magnetic disk , a semiconductor laser, a Josephson device , a charge coupled device (CCD) are also a variety of film passageway . In the display device , the video head , high density video tape and the transparent conductive film is a flat display device , a light guide film camera tube , the display tube screen liner are also of aluminum was prepared by vacuum deposition method. In the element , the Ni was evaporated in vacuo , chromium or cermet resistors can be manufactured , and evaporated aluminum on a plastic , a silica, titania, etc. may be manufactured capacitors and evaporated to give an electrostatic copying machine with selenium drum , barium titanate can be evaporated magnetostrictive components manufactured from sound like.

 Vacuum evaporation can also be used for manufacturing a superconducting film and inertial confinement of microbeads coated with the reaction changes . It also can be jewelry, watches shell surface , textile metal pattern, gold and silver thread and other decorative film deposition and sputtering or ion plating using the tool , mold and other manufacturing super dura . The rise of the multi-arc ion plating the past two years preparation titanium products , such as stainless steel sheet , mirror panels , including columns , handrails, upscale bed bracket, stair railings and other currently popular.